YOURL’s WordPress Plugin Update for 3.0

UPDATE: Thanks to Ozh’s Comments I have updated the post below. It sounds like the plugin will be updated for WP 3.0. However, it will then stop working with WP 2.9 and below. I am leaving this page up for those of you who wish to use an older version of WP but would stillContinue reading “YOURL’s WordPress Plugin Update for 3.0”

WordPress Theme Exists and WP_THEME_DIR?

This is more of an open question than a fantastic discovery. One thing we want to do with WPBook is allow custom theme modification that won’t be overwritten by plugin upgrades. I’ve been looking into ways to check to see if a theme exists. If it does uses it if not use the default pluginContinue reading “WordPress Theme Exists and WP_THEME_DIR?”

Earth Hour Your Website

Earth Hour is quickly approaching, this year’s date, March 27th at 8:30pm. Well the team at Brave New Code wrote a fantastic WordPress plugin that will turn your site “off” for earth hour. This is great if your site is ran by WordPress. My problem, only my blog is WordPress everything else is custom code.Continue reading “Earth Hour Your Website”

What the Hell Facebook?

UPDATE 3/18: This issue has now been resolved. You may go back to using this plugin as normal. Thanks Facebook. As some of you may know I contribute to the development of Facebook CommentsTNG. This is a WordPress plugin that pulls comments from a Facebook note back into your self-hosted WordPress blog. This is extremelyContinue reading “What the Hell Facebook?”

Extending wp-lifestream to include DailyBooth

With almost 130,000 downloads and support for more than 50 sites it is safe to say that David Cramer’s wp-lifestream is the best WordPress Lifestream plugin out there. The idea of a lifestream is to bring all your data from the sites you visit to one place. The current version of this plugin doesn’t supportContinue reading “Extending wp-lifestream to include DailyBooth”