Soapberry adds WP Admin options to support the JavaScript tracking code required by an external Ackee instance.

Once you have entered and saved your settings the Ackee JavaScript tracker will be added to the footer of each page loaded by WordPress which contains the wp_footer() function.

WP Admin Settings Documentation

  • Ackee Install URL – The full URL of your Ackee instance. This can be a root domain, subdomain, or domain with a folder/path.
  • Ackee Tracker – The Script name of your Ackee tracker in a default installation this will be tracker.js but can be changed when installing Ackee.
  • Ackee Domain ID – The Unique ID for your WordPress site as generated by your Ackee Install.
  • Exclude Logged In – Should any logged in visitor to your site be excluded from tracking. This setting will hide the JavaScript for logged in visitors.