Extending wp-lifestream to include DailyBooth

With almost 130,000 downloads and support for more than 50 sites it is safe to say that David Cramer’s wp-lifestream is the best WordPress Lifestream plugin out there. The idea of a lifestream is to bring all your data from the sites you visit to one place. The current version of this plugin doesn’t support DailyBooth one of my favorite photo publishing sites. So I took the challenge of writing the extension for it.

This lead me to loving the plugin even more. Extending the class was remarkably easy. However, for some of you who are less technically inclined or don’t want to go though the work of writing this class yourself I have packaged the DailyBooth extension here. Just download it and up place it in wp-content/lifestream/extensions and you should be good to go by adding your DailyBooth username under feeds.

Hope you find this extension useful.

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