I want to ride my bike

BikeBlink Part III

Once I started to wire the bike light into my 3D Box I quickly learned that while I learned a lot my box was clunky and would have too many wires. That’s around the same time I learned about custom circuit boards.

The first thing I did was watch a few videos and download the free version of EAGLE. I had the advantage of working with this circuit for a while and pretty much having it memorized. Once In EAGLE I created the schematic and board layout. From there it came down to printing and making though my pull though components would work as expected.  I also used the Trinket EAGLE file found on GitHub.

I then ordered the boards from OSH Park which I highly recommend. Their website is easy to use and provides a board preview which really helped me make sure my screen printing was in order. The boards arrived and everything works as expected.

Now that I have a much more compact cleaner version of my board layout next up will be revisiting the enclosure. For the curious, I’ve released the boards as Open Source Hardware.



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