MobileESP for WordPress 1.5.3 released

I recently released MobileEPS for WordPress 1.5.1 which came with MAJOR changes. The slogan for this revision was “minor version number, major changes.” I later learned that one of these changes broke the plugin for people who weren’t using PHP 5.3  or above. So I released 1.5.3 to fix that issue.

I strongly recommend everyone who is using the plugin upgrade to this version.

Some major changes are the plugin now uses the  template_redirect hook instead of no hook. What this means is you can now access your admin page with the plugin installed and that it’s being more “smart” about when to check for the redirect. For security it also now sanitizes the user input when setting the cookie and looking at wp_options.

I also added a new banner image to the repo page. Thanks much to my friend Felix who let me use is drawing as the main image.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or problems.



One thought on “MobileESP for WordPress 1.5.3 released

  1. Hello Bandon Randon

    I am using the MobileESP 1.5.3 plugin, WP version 3.9.2 and it works well to redirect the mobile users to the mobile page but the link that says Visit Desktop Site does not take the user to the full wp site link that i have placed. I looked in the forums and also checked the code from $domain = parse_url($site_url, PHP_URL_HOST); —- $_COOKIE[‘mobileesp_wp_full_site’] = 0; that you provided in the support forums but still the link takes me back to the mobile site link instead of the full wp site link.

    I have 2 different pages with different page templates one being for the desktop users & the other one for the mobile users having limited, important content and menus. Now this mobile page has a link : Visit Desktop Site that gives the mobile users an option to see the full desktop site. I also placed the string ?view_full_site=true after the link to force the mobile users to go to the full desktop link still takes me to the mobile site link. Can you pl help me get this work the way i want ?


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