I’m an Automattician

I have been holding off on posting this because it just seems too good to be true. This October I joined the amazing staff at Automattic full time. This is the bunch of people who are behind WordPress and WordPress.com.  I’ve joined as a Happiness Engineer on the Store team. I hope this means that I’ll have a little more time to work on my plugins and attend WordCamps.

MobileESP for WordPress 1.5.3 released

I recently released MobileEPS for WordPress 1.5.1 which came with MAJOR changes. The slogan for this revision was “minor version number, major changes.” I later learned that one of these changes broke the plugin for people who weren’t using PHP 5.3  or above. So I released 1.5.3 to fix that issue.

I strongly recommend everyone who is using the plugin upgrade to this version.

Some major changes are the plugin now uses the  template_redirect hook instead of no hook. What this means is you can now access your admin page with the plugin installed and that it’s being more “smart” about when to check for the redirect. For security it also now sanitizes the user input when setting the cookie and looking at wp_options.

I also added a new banner image to the repo page. Thanks much to my friend Felix who let me use is drawing as the main image.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or problems.



Spammer say the darnest things

I recently posted a post about my thoughts on so called “logo software” and found this gem in my comment spam.

“Big fan of these logos. If i’m really honest using photoshop for logo design will give it a more refined and professional look. What did you use for these?” [sic]

I should point out that 1) I posed no logos and  2) using Photoshop for logos is a horrible idea


As a business owner when I do a web search for my phone number many of the results are from directory services that post information on my business. For some businesses this may be fine, however, for me there are a few problems with this.

  1. The information is just wrong, I changed the name of my business and moved locations but the listings keep the old information. 
  2. I work from my home and don’t love the fact that a few dozen sites think is okay to post my personal information on line
  3. This is done without my consent, I have NO IDEA where these services are getting my information  My best guess is from the public directory of registered businesses. The public directory clearly states “FOR NO COMMERCIAL USE ONLY” meaning that the information shouldn’t be used for these listings
  4. I would rather have my company come up in search results rather than them.

Removal Instructions:

To remove your site you first need to find all the places you are listed. yext and google are both good tools for this.

I’ve had good luck with calling and requesting removal as well as email customer support. This can be tedious and time consuming but for me it’s worth it.




Mobile EPS for WordPress 1.4

I just committed Mobile ESP for WP 1.4. This is a Minor Update that updates the Library to the latest version. No other changes have been made.

With HTML5 and responsive themes becoming the new standard (even with my own development) I’m wondering if this plugin is worth keeping updated but it’s the least I can do to keep the lib updated. Let me know if you have any issue or concerns with 1.4.

Three new projects posted

I’ve just posted three new projects and created a projects page and a contact page.

The Projects:

busAlert.me a site that will notify the user by text or voice when their King County Metro Bus is arriving.

MobileESP for WordPress this is a simple WordPress plugin that redirects mobile visiters

Stripr this is a content stripper. The main function is to prepare documents for print.

Contacting me:

Well contacting me just got easier.  Just visit the contact page.