I’m thinkin’ about my doorbell

Laser Cut Doorbell enclosure for Flic

I recently bought a set of Flic buttons for my home. At my house these are mostly used to control my music or easy turn on/off my lights. Another great feature was being able to place one outside to be used as a doorbell.

When clicked once a bell is sounded though the Flic app using a tablet. I had a friend recently buy one for this purpose at his home and we were talking about a way to enclose it. Enter this laser cut enclosure.

Things didn’t work out perfectly with the sides but the enclosure still works without sites. The bell can be rung by pressing the button though the case. I have uploaded the EPS file if anyone want to use it as a base for their design. They are released under Creative Commons Share-Alike. Included are two files both of which may not be perfect. The one printed is the one marked printed.

P.S. I do realize this is the first time I’ve posted in over two years. As I find my place in the maker/creator space expect more post in the future.

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