April Fools Plugin: Cornify for WordPress Released

In case you missed it I decided to do a small April Fools prank this year. I came across cornify.com and liked the way it worked. I thought it would be funny to have the unicorns pop up if the user was inactive on the site for longer than a few seconds. So I gotContinue reading “April Fools Plugin: Cornify for WordPress Released”

MobileESP for WP Updated

I just released version 1.1 of MobileESP for WordPress this should fix any problems people were having with iPhone and Android devices not forwarding correctly. I also updated the MobileESP class and minified the source which made it half the size. As always, if you have any problems please report them in the forums taggingContinue reading “MobileESP for WP Updated”

WPBook 2.0.10 BETA release

UPDATE 12/11/10: As John noted in the comments below the most recent beta can be found at the WPBook download page at WordPress. Get the latest copy of 2.0.10 here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpbook/download/ Today I am uploading a new beta version of WPBook. This version needs some testing before being forked into core so if you downloadContinue reading “WPBook 2.0.10 BETA release”

YOURL’s WordPress Plugin Update for 3.0

UPDATE: Thanks to Ozh’s Comments I have updated the post below. It sounds like the plugin will be updated for WP 3.0. However, it will then stop working with WP 2.9 and below. I am leaving this page up for those of you who wish to use an older version of WP but would stillContinue reading “YOURL’s WordPress Plugin Update for 3.0”

WordPress Theme Exists and WP_THEME_DIR?

This is more of an open question than a fantastic discovery. One thing we want to do with WPBook is allow custom theme modification that won’t be overwritten by plugin upgrades. I’ve been looking into ways to check to see if a theme exists. If it does uses it if not use the default pluginContinue reading “WordPress Theme Exists and WP_THEME_DIR?”