Software does NOT make you a designer

As someone with an associates in Graphic Design and who enjoys good design I am always cautious when something claims to take the work out of design.  So when I saw Logo Design Studio* the it made me laugh and scream. The product’s tag-line is “Easy Logo Design and Illustration.”  Let’s be honest there isContinue reading “Software does NOT make you a designer”

Yet Another #thesiswp Post

For all you WordPress lovers on Twitter I’m sure you’ve notice the hash tag #thesiswp going around. What’s the big deal? Well yesterday Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pearson got into a little debate on Andrew show Mixergy on wither or not the Thesis WordPress Theme Framework should be GPL because WordPress is. The full debateContinue reading “Yet Another #thesiswp Post”

What the Hell Facebook?

UPDATE 3/18: This issue has now been resolved. You may go back to using this plugin as normal. Thanks Facebook. As some of you may know I contribute to the development of Facebook CommentsTNG. This is a WordPress plugin that pulls comments from a Facebook note back into your self-hosted WordPress blog. This is extremelyContinue reading “What the Hell Facebook?”