Smile – get a cleaner logo

My photoblog has been around for about a year. It’s a place for me to share photos of cool things I encounter. From the very start I wanted to do a revision of the BandonRandon Logo but give it a photography spin. My first attempt was, let’s just say poorly done. It’s been buggingContinue reading “Smile – get a cleaner logo”

Changing the World S3 image generator

Today on my personal blog I wrote a blog post about how I’m going to change the world.  At the bottom of the post it contains this image: Which when clicked links to Today I wanted to talk a bit about how that sub-domain image generator works. Because frankly I think it’s pretty cool.Continue reading “Changing the World S3 image generator”

Software does NOT make you a designer

As someone with an associates in Graphic Design and who enjoys good design I am always cautious when something claims to take the work out of design.  So when I saw Logo Design Studio* the it made me laugh and scream. The product’s tag-line is “Easy Logo Design and Illustration.”  Let’s be honest there isContinue reading “Software does NOT make you a designer”