O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Last year while making popcorn and cranberry chains the only thing missing from the tree was a star. One was made posthaste. However, it was missing a very important feature, lighting up. We couldn’t let that happen two years in a row so this year we added a color changing light to our homemade star.

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I want to ride my bicycle

BikeBlink Part II

Now that I had working code I started thinking about waterproofing. I decided to order a waterproof cable and print a 3D Box. As this was my first time 3D Printing I had no idea what I was doing. I designed a box in AutoDesk 3D and headed to my local maker space to have it printed. Over all I’m pretty happy with how the box turned out. My original idea was to solder everything into the box. However, I learned this was not as easily done as I was hoping so I’ll be going another route in terms of enclosures.

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