MobileESP for WP 1.2 Updated

[UPDATE] this plugin has been updated to 1.2.1 to add support for removing the cookie. See the comments of this post for more info.

I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know that MobileESP for WordPress version 1.2 has been released. This release contains the latest version of the MobileESP library as well as a bugfix for the full site url link bug which was requiring clicking on the link twice.  Get the latest version from the Plugin repo or update the plugin from your dashboard.

13 thoughts on “MobileESP for WP 1.2 Updated

  1. Thanks for this great plugin!

    Is it possible to switch between the mobile and desktop site?
    I hear some people ask me with an Ipad why they could only see my mobile version.

    It would be nice if I could place a link on both desktop and mobile site so they could switch manual.

    1. @wilfred, yes as of verson 1.1.3 you can add a link on the mobile site to and that will set a cookie named “mobileesp_wp_full_site” and show the full site. You can see the FAQ on plugin page for more info. I have yet to make it so you can switch back to the mobile site with a link. However, to do this all you would need to do is make a link to clear the cookie. I would suggest adding a link to the footer of your site if the cookie is set to show the link back (Something then unset the cookie. If i get the time I’ll make it part of the plugin to unset the cookie.

  2. Thanks, it works!
    The only problem is that I have to click twice on the links.
    For example: When I first click on View Full Site, nothing happend but after I click again, it opens the full site.

      1. A samsung mobile phone.
        But I do most testing with Adobe Device Central CS5.5

        When I’m on the Full site and I click on the link to the mobile site, I get first redirected to the home page of the full site and after I click again it redirects me to the mobile site.

  3. @wilfred, I the problem is two fold; first we should probally be linking from the fullsite to the mobile site. For exampe, this should immediantly take the user back to the mobile site. Next, you’ll want to write code to unset the cookie on the mobile site. Here is some example php code you could use on your mobile site.

    1. I’ve added your code to the mobile index.php. First, nothing happend but after I change the link on the desktop site and point in directly to the mobile/index.php it works!
      So, there’s maybe a problem with the cookie, the page will load first and then remove the cookie so you have to reload the page.

      1. The only time the cookie comes into play is when on the full site checking to see if the user should be redirected. I was just telling you how to clear the cookie on the mobile site so if they typed in the full site url they would be redirected. At this point I think everything is working as intented. Either that or I would have to see the problem.

  4. Im having to press the “full site” button twice still.

    I have the link sending to:
    sends the user to:
    which is 404’s them on our desktop site.

    Is there another way to get the cookie on the users phone without having to 404 them or have them click full site twice?

    1. You should be sending the user to the FULL url (including http://) otherwise you will get a 404 error. Depending on your server setup the “www” may or may not be optional.

      When I visit your site I do not see the full site link on the page as it appears to be hidden behind an image. This is true on both my mobile device and from a web browser.

      You shouldn’t have to click the link twice with the latest version 1.2.1 is this the version you are running?

      1. According to my plugins page I’m running Version 1.3?

        I have the url pointing to http:/www now and it doesn’t 404 any more, but the user still has to click on view full site twice.

        Could it be the version of WordPress im running?
        WordPress 3.1.4

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