MobileESP 1.3.1

I just put out a quick fix for MobileESP for WordPress to hopefully FINALLY fix the two click cookie issue. Version 1.3.1 can be found in the other versions folder over on the WordPress Plugin page. If you don’t see 1.3.1 listed just grab the “Development Version.”

Please test this version and let me know if any issues arise if all goes well I’ll make this the stable version.

– Upgraded the MobileESP library to latest stable version
– Hopefully fixed full site redirect issue.

Happy Fourth WordPress Birthday to Me

Today marks my fourth year anniversary having a account and when I remember first starting to use WordPress for my blog.  I thought it would be fun to recap what I’ve accomplished since September 27th 2007 and what some of my long term WordPress goals are.

WordPress and Me Thus Far

In 2007 I started using WordPress for just my blog didn’t know what I was doing download a theme hacked up some CSS/PHP finally got everything working after hours of trying. Since that time here’s what I’ve been able to do:

  • Became one of the Three most important people to WordPress
  • Contributed to/wrote 5 plugins with a total download count of 121,331
  • Updated 3 articles in the Codex
  • Attended WordCamp Seattle
  • Dipped my feet into WordPress Core Trac
  • Got involved in the Forums and at
  • Updated my personal site to run completely on WordPress and Hybrid

What’s next?

Here are some of my longterm WordPress goals:

  • Become a core contributor (even if it’s just fixing a typo)
  • Meet Matt Mullenweg
  • Continue to be involved in the Forums, discussions and Codex of WordPress
  • Attend WordCamp SF
  • Continue to attend WordCamp Seattle

Do you use WordPress? If so how? How long have you been using it? What are some of the things you like best?

Random Greeting in PHP

I was searching for a php  list of greetings but couldn’t find one so I made my own. Thought this may be helpful to someone else looking for a list. Here is how to show a random greeting in php. Much like the flickr welcome page.

//random array function you can use or write your own
function randomArrayVar($array)
if (!is_array($array)){
return $array;
return $array[array_rand($array)];

//list of grettings as arary

$greeting= array(
             "whatsup"=>"What's up",

//echo greeting
echo (randomArrayVar($greeting));

Hope it’s helpful to someone. If you have an additions please leave them in the comments below.

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