Get Involved with WPBook!

As you may know I’ve been working with WPBook for the past 2 years. In that time I’ve watched the project grown dramatically the plugin now has over 73,000 downloads. However, the project has only had a handful of people who have gotten involved with the project.  Therefore, I wanted to write a quick blog post and give you a few ways to get involved.

Are you a programmer?
Great, we keep track of bugs and feature request over at our bug tracking system If you get a moment fix a bug or add a feature. You may also just wish to use this system to report bugs.

Are you a graphic designer?
Cool, you may be able to help us cook up some neat graphics for WPBook, update our logo, or just give us feedback that could otherwise improve the project.

Are you a writer?
Neat-o, we can use your help to spruce up the docs making sure they are easy to understand, accurate, clever and free of typos .

Want more ways to get involved?
Okay there are plenty of  other ways to get involved. Head on over to the support forms and help a fellow user. I’ve also just set up a donate page where you can make a donation to help pay for website cost. We are also pledging to give 50% of any donations made to Charity Water. With a goal of $500.

If  you have any questions or comments please let me know. Thanks!

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